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Report on
sustainable development 
2019 - 2020

Happy to discussnoamo that Hiške Sloveneske Istra in juniju 2017 received the international certificate Travelife Gold.

Hiške also entered in the same year

 v zeleno shemo slovenskega turizma (ZSST), ki je nacionalni program in certifikacijska shema, ki pod krovno znamko SLOVENIA GREEN

combines all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia.

Travelife is an internationally recognized scheme that promotes the sustainable operation and development of the tourism industry. It encourages accommodation facilities and tourist operators to reduce negative impacts on the environment, develop long-term partnerships and connect with the local community.

The sustainable vision covers environmental issues (monitoring and reducing the amount of waste, consumption of energy, water and harmful substances), social issues, employee satisfaction, human rights, child protection, cooperation with the local community, and the protection and promotion of tradition, customs and the environment where we operate .

"Sustainable tourism encompasses all aspects of sustainable development: environmental, social, economic and climatic areas of operation. Sustainable tourism is therefore responsible tourism; one that respects the needs of the environment and the people who live there, as well as the local economy and visitors."

Our daily operations are guided by environmental, social and economic responsibility towards guests, employees and the local community.

Through the quality preservation policy, local community support, employee policy and environmental protection policy, we undertake to improve our services and include the local community through our operations, maintain the satisfaction and education of our employees, and minimize damage to the environment and try to improve its tidiness and cleanliness.


We are committed to acting in accordance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, identifying the consequences of measures related to environmental protection in order to achieve our goals of better environmental performance, and ensuring that we regularly review our progress in such efforts. We will also invite our guests to participate.

We have already implemented many measures, such as purchasing energy-saving appliances when purchasing new appliances, reducing water consumption by installing aerators, and providing adequate awareness and training for all employees. We also installed a reducing valve on the central water supply and purchased and replaced energy saving light fixtures and reduced sewage by strictly separating all waste such as glass, paper, plastic and biological waste.


People are one of the most important elements of the business process, so we pay a lot of attention to their knowledge, competences and safe work, as we also adhere to our employee policy.

We achieve this and, as a result, implement a policy   through our respect, offering a fair wage in accordance with the minimum wage law in the Republic of Slovenia, we offer them appropriate education and training, and we do not discriminate against them, either on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or in any other way. Employees are also aware of their rights and feel safe in the workplace, and they are properly informed and involved in the sustainable way of doing business in order to achieve the set operational goals.


Everyday experience is important to us, and it helps to improve the quality of life for all of us. It is this satisfaction that is a prerequisite for a tourist who visits our places to have a positive experience, to feel welcome and to return to our destination with pleasure. For this reason, we strive and invest in the local community and are committed to supporting the local community, and strive for joint development. We also offer fellow residents a discount on the accommodation of their relatives and friends. We highlight all local producers in particular and suggest that guests visit them, as well as organize tastings.

QUALITY Preservation Policy

Quality is important in our business, as we value our guests and want them to come back to us with pleasure. We strive to ensure that our guests receive the services they expect and to exceed their expectations, and as a result adhere to measures such as collecting and monitoring customer feedback, training and developing all employees and regularly monitoring feedback and taking appropriate action. We are trying to achieve improvements in the field of quality assurance and follow the primary goal, i.e. guest satisfaction.

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