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We are very proud to announce that Slovenian Istria Accommodations are in June 2017 receivers of the Travelife Gold award.

We are also part of the The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) which is a tool developed at the national level and a certification program that carries out the tasks under theSLOVENIA GREENumbrella brand.

Travelife – the international sustainability certification scheme – assesses a property's performance in managing their social, environmental and economic impacts.

The labeling scheme helps hotels cut costs and increase sales, by improving sustainability.

To gain Travelife Gold certification, the hotel must meet their 150 sustainability criteria. This includes environmental issues, such as minimizing waste and use of energy, water and chemicals, as well as taking positive action on social issues, such as employee welfare, working with the local community, child protection and human rights. We must also show how we are helping to support local businesses and protect local traditions and wildlife.

We are all aware that the action of each and every one of us has an impact on the environment, so we operate to high standards of performance and advocate socially and environmentally sustainable business practices. Our aim is to bring a positive benefit to the societies in which we operate through high quality services, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment. In order to adhere to these principles, we strive to reach our set goals. This is a belief that everyone at Slovenian Istria Rooms&Apartments works with, to ensure we're doing our bit to build a sustainable future with the help of our guests and other stakeholders.

With our policy of maintaining quality, supporting the local community, our employees, and environmental protection policy, we are committed to improving our services and maintaining our employee education and satisfaction. Finally, we strive to include the local community in our business, minimize compromising the environment and to improve the orderliness and cleanliness in our surroundings.



We are committed to act in compliance with all the applicable environmental laws and regulations, and to identify the consequences of the measures relating to protecting the environment in order to achieve our goals in being more environmentally efficient and making sure that we regularly inspect our progress in such efforts. We will also invite our guests to participate.

We have already completed many of the measures, such as, buying new appliances that are energy efficient, reducing water consumption by installing aerator taps, and ensuring that the staff is properly educated and aware of the pertaining issues. Additionally, we installed a reducing valve on the main plumbing inlet, bought and installed energy saving light bulbs, and reduced littering with a rigorous recycling method of all types of waste, such as glass, paper, plastic and bio-waste.



People are one of the most important elements in the business process, which is why we pay so much attention to their knowledge, competencies, safety at the workplace, and we also abide by our staff policy.

We achieve this, and consequently our staff policy as well, by having respect towards our employees, by providing fair wages that are in compliance with the Minimum Wage Act (ZMinP), and by providing the necessary education and training. We also do not discriminate, either on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or in any other way. The employees are also familiar with their rights and feel safe at the workplace. They are also adequately informed about and involved in the sustainable way of doing business in an effort to achieve the stated objectives of operation.



We take great importance in the everyday experience our guests have, that comprehensively helps to increase the quality of the lives of all. It is this satisfaction that is a prerequisite for a tourist, who visits our towns, to have a positive experience, feels welcome, and happily returns to our destination. For this reason, we add the effort and investments to the local community and commit ourselves to further support them and strive for a communal development.  The local residents in our locations are also offered a discount in accommodating their relatives and friends. All the local producers are constantly put forward and the guests are suggested to visit them, and we also offer to arrange different tastings in their facilities.



Quality is important in our business, because we value our guests and wish that they would be happy to return. We try to make our guests receive the service they expected and to exceed their expectations by maintaining the quality measures, such as collecting and monitoring customer reviews, training and developing our human resources, regularly monitoring the feedback and responding accordingly. We strive for improvements in the domain of quality assurance and try to follow our primary goal, which is customer satisfaction.

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